7 Best Unique Father’s Day Gifts for 2021

Allen Richardson Senior Contributor
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Father’s Day gets a lot less attention and effort than Mother’s Day. Many of us just don’t seem to appreciate dads as much as we should. Well, don’t let another Father’s Day go by unacknowledged.

Take a look at these awesome gadgets that every dad will love. And don't forget your father-in-law! You’re sure to find the perfect gift on this list for all the dads in your life.

1. KeySmart – The Smart Key Organizer

This key organizer makes a great gift for Dad

We all have to deal with a lot of keys, but for some reason, dads seem to have twice as many. The KeySmart organizer turns all those keys into a Swiss Army knife.

You read that right – it’s like having a pocketknife with all your keys conveniently folded into it. Gone are the days of the noisy, cluttered key burl.

This elegant solution lets you fit all your existing keys into an easy-to-carry package. It’s not only your keys – the KeySmart also has a bunch of accessories that you can add, like a USB drive or a bottle opener.

It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is very simple to use. All you have to do is remove the connector bolts, take off the contoured end cap, and arrange your keys. Then replace the end cap and you’re done.

This useful gadget comes in a variety of colors and styles. Sophisticate fathers will appreciate the KeySmart Leather. It has a leather finish rather than anodized aluminum.

It’s attractive and sleek as well as useful. For the outdoor lovers, there’s the Rugged KeySmart, tougher and more durable. If you really want to wow your dad, go for the KeySmart Pro. Also, keep an eye out for limited edition KeySmarts with custom designs and colors.

The Pro version has all the features of a regular KeySmart but also comes with a built-in Tile locator. The Tile is a tracker that helps you find your keys.

With the Tile app on your phone, you can use it to find your keys by having the KeySmart sound an alarm. The best part is that you can also use the KeySmart to locate your phone the same way.

If the KeySmart isn’t close enough for Bluetooth to track it, you can also see its location on a map.

2. iMemories – The Easiest Way to Digitally Store Home Movies and Photos

This gift gives father's easy access to all their photos and videos

Most dads of a certain age have a huge stockpile of home videos and photos stored away in a box somewhere. Those precious memories won’t last forever – unless, of course, they’re converted to digital files.

iMemories is a service that lets you send in videos and have them converted into digital files. They can work with just about any format including VHS tapes, Betamax, slides, and even reel film.

Having them in a digital format makes them easy to view on any modern device, and they can be stored forever with no loss of quality. They also have services for photos, both for negatives and physical prints.

The process starts with the creation of an iMemories account. Once your account is created, you’ll fill out a form about what you want to digitize and get a quote for the service.

Then all you have to do is ship them the media with the form. They offer a SafeShip kit that is designed to prevent any damage to the media or you can use your own box.

The digitization order will take about 2-3 weeks and you’ll get all the originals back. The company claims that they’ve never once damaged an original recording, which is impressive.

The digital remastering experts at iMemories will enhance and restore the videos and photos for free, making them look better than ever.

You’ll be able to download all your digitized files for free. You will also be able to choose from three other options – a customized DVD, a USB drive, or having your photos and videos stored on the iMemories cloud for a monthly fee.

You are not limited to just one option; you can take all three if you want to. This service is a great way to preserve treasured family memories that any dad will love.

3. Xtra-PC – The Extra Computer That Fits in Your Pocket

Portable USB computer makes a great Father's Day gift

This gadget can breathe new life into the ancient laptop that your dad refuses to get rid of. Xtra-PC is a whole computer in a flash drive that you can insert into any free USB port on your computer.

The USB has a Linux operating system installed on it. Linux is much more stable than Windows and never crashes, but more importantly, bypassing your old system will make everything run much faster. It’s also almost immune to viruses and malware.

When you put the USB drive into the computer, you’ll restart the computer and enter the boot menu. The boot menu will give you the option to start the computer from the USB instead of normally.

Once your operating system loads, you’ll be able to access your files much faster. You can install your software on this operating system on a case-by-case basis and you won’t have to trudge through your old bloated hard drive.

Your computer won’t be altered in any way and the Xtra-PC doesn’t install anything on it. All your files will be right where you left them. All you have to do is plug it in and reboot. Reviving your dad’s old dinosaur computer is sure to put a smile on his face.

4. XY Find It – Never Lose Your Keys Again

This one is for the scatterbrained dads that keep losing their keys or other small everyday carry items. It’s a Bluetooth tracking tag that can be put on a keychain or just about anything else.

The XY Find It is a hexagonal plastic device made from rugged, impact-resistant plastic. To use it, all you have to do is put it on a keychain with your keys or other items.

The device links up to the XY Find It companion app and you can control its features from your iOS or Android device. It runs on a CR2032 battery, and the battery life for the latest generation is an amazing 12-14 months.

Once you’ve tagged your item and paired it with your mobile device, the XY Find It is ready to go. It’s most useful on keys because the tag will constantly check how far the keys are from the paired device. If you’ve tagged something that you don’t normally keep near your phone, the tag will go off frequently.

It works by measuring the intensity of the Bluetooth signal – and if the mobile device moves too far from the tag, it will beep loudly. It also has a geofencing feature that will send an alert to the phone if it leaves a perimeter around the tag, so you’ll never forget your keys at a restaurant again.

The maximum distance is about 50 feet before the tag starts beeping. You can also track all your tagged items on a GPS map through the companion app.

If you want to set off the alarm manually, you can do so by pressing the XY button on the front. Finally, the reverse also works – if you lose track of your phone and you’re within 50 feet, you can use the XY Find It to get your phone to ring.

5. Type S – Wireless Sensor Makes Parking Easy

Wireless parking sensor makes a great gift for Father's Day

Whether you’re parking in a parking lot, or pulling out the driveway, the risk of accidents is always present. Possible accidents could be avoided with the help of a backup camera, but many cars don’t have one installed, especially older models. 

That’s where the Type S wireless parking sensor comes in. Audio and visual alerts are transmitted wirelessly to help drivers park with ease.

You set-up the senor to your number plate and download a free app to your smartphone. As soon as your vehicle gets too close to an object, it will transmit load ringtones and flashing lights via your smartphone to alert you.

Besides that, it is also solar powered and waterproof, so it will work in all types of conditions. 

6. Flex Safe – The Safest Portable Lockbox in the World

Your dad will never have to worry about his stuff again when he goes to the beach or pool. The Flex Safe bag will keep his valuables away from potential thieves and it looks great too.

The Flex Safe is like a portable safe that you can use to store valuables on the go. It has a locking mechanism on the front that prevents the main flap from being opened.

The flap is designed to fit over lounge chairs, strollers, bicycles, or any other fixed bar. Once your valuables are put in the zipped compartment and it’s locked, it’s nearly impossible to get into without the combination.

It features an ultra-rugged, reprogrammable combination lock that’s very simple to set up. It’s made of slash-resistant material that blocks RFID signals.

The RFID blocking keeps all your digital assets – such as phones, chipped credit cards, etc., – safe and sound.  It’s small enough to carry anywhere and large enough to fit phones, wallets, and other loose items.

7. Bondic – Don’t Just Glue It, Repair It

In today’s world, it’s easier to just replace items rather than fix them, but a lot of people don’t like to do that – especially frugal dads. For the dad’s that insist on fixing everything rather than buying a replacement, there’s Bondic.

Bondic is a liquid plastic welder that not only glues plastic parts together but fills in missing areas as well. It’s not like superglue and won’t set until it’s exposed to the UV light that’s on the applicator.

This gives you all the time you need to apply it, set the repair, and then harden it. It also means that it will never set in the bottle. You can use the same applicator for years.

It’s a super-strong adhesive that’s similar to what’s used in dental work. The Bondic formulation is even tougher than dental-grade adhesives. Plastic parts often break into small parts that can’t be glued back together.

With Bondic, you can remake the parts you need. The simple “clean, fill, cure, and shape” process makes any repair effortless.

Keep Your Dad Happy

Dads are always the toughest to shop for, but these gifts are sure to make your next Father’s Day special.

No matter where his tastes lie, there’s something here for him. Get a head start on next year’s Father’s Day as some of these may not be available forever.