What Is Wireless Charging And How Does It Work

Edward Byrnes Senior Contributor
I cover the fascinating worlds of consumer gadgets and tech.

Wireless charging is a kind of technology that allows you to charge your phone without the use of any cables or wires, all you will have to do is just place your phone on the charging mat and that is it. You should actually leave it on there for an hour or more, and the phone will be charged. The advantage of wireless charging is that it is quick and easy as well. That is because you do not have to use a cable and fumble around every single time. You do not have to waste minutes while you try and untangle the cable so that you can keep your phone for charging.

It is also a very neat thing to do. You just have to place it on a mat and BOOM; your device starts charging. There are actually many competitors in this field. The most successful one and the one that is used the most would be QI. It is actually pronounced “chee” and is actually supported by all major companies like Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, Microsoft and more. Apple is actually the latest entrant into the world of wireless charging as they made their debut into supporting wireless charging with the introduction of the iPhone  8 and iPhone X and all of the phones since then have been supporting this feature.

Just a handful of phones actually have this feature built-in. The most expensive ones, in other words, the flagship devices of all major companies actually have wireless charging. It is also worth noting that all of the Apple Watches, starting with the first-generation Apple Watch, came with wireless charging. Now, this feature is included in so many of their devices. The main three devices that support wireless charging from Apple would be the iPhones, the Apple Watches, and the Airpods. The Airpods always charged wirelessly themselves in the Pod case, but now the entire Pod case can charge itself on a charging mat.

Well, now that we are talking about it, wireless charging is not exactly perfect. It does indeed have so much room to improve. Some things that make me choose my fast charger over wireless charging would be the fact that wireless charging heats up my phone and also it is quite slow. By that I mean it charges the phone a bit slower when compared to my fast charger. You should actually not expose your phone to heat because the battery may get damaged, and that is why I do not use it much.
More and more companies are now supporting wireless charging; you can expect advancements in these in the coming years.